that speech.


that speech.


skeleton smartypants was defeated once and for all

And this is for Claire


aw, that smile (x)(x)

Hey I just wanted to say that your blog is super awesome! I also was wondering if you knew how to add music and make the pictures the same size in your blog? I've been having problems with HTML.... I don't know if you know anything about it, but thanks for the help anyway! :)

Sorry I don’t know a lot about HTML haha I am a wanna-be blogger nerd


Hobbiton-Matamata. Even prettier than i remember!

Downton Abbey soundtrack and Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack keeping me sane while writing this scientific review paper

College is kicking my butt right now… first all-nighter?

Hey hey hey look who's on Tumblr're little sister that's who

Noooo no you’re not allowed to have social media no ew go away

Also really? Dan? of course


I want to borrow a child so I can go to chuck e cheese

That’s called babysitting

How to screw up your life by fucking around on your phone for an hour and a half instead of writing that essay - a story by me